Our broad range of experienced consultants and technical experts can lead you through the intricate process of integrating network technology solutions with your company so that you can focus on your business goals. From the PC to the core infrastructure, we make it mesh together as one.

LAN/WAN Architecture Design

We examine, document, and assess your current network infrastructure, identify issues, and prepare thorough recommendations accordingly. We make use of current best practices and design proactive infrastructure strategies. We develop structured requirements that are combined by gathering business systems analyses, documented redundant design, and options teamed with recommendations. We also analyze and recommend current and future logical and physical network designs. We also design Network Address Translation (NAT) planning and implementation plans. In addition to the above, we create Infrastructure hardware and software recommendations.

LAN/WAN Implementation Solution

We manage and implement new or restructured Local Area Networks (LAN's), Wide Area Networks (WAN's) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN's) in various forms that integrate with hardware environments including Cisco, Nortel, ADTRAN, HP and 3com.

E-mail Messaging Systems

We evaluate your messaging environment, assist you on reviewing and selecting custom solutions, designs, plans, migrations, and implementations and support your e-mail infrastructure. Our expertise focuses on Microsoft Exchange mail systems as well as specialty.

Operating System Design & Planning Solution

We assess your operating systems (OS) needs, current application architecture, and help you to prepare for and implement new and current server and workstation operating systems. Our expertise in operating system migrations and concurrent strategies includes Microsoft, Novell, and Unix environments.

Document & Record Management Systems

We evaluate your document and record management needs. We also assist you on reviewing and selecting solutions, designs, plans, implementations, and support for your document and record management infrastructure. Our expertise covers many document and record management systems for all company sizes including iManage, Legal Key, Share Point and so on.

Firewall & Secure Server Implementation

We provide necessities, definition, design, planning, implementation, and support for the integration of firewall and security server solutions in effort to ensure network security.

VPN Integration

We evaluate your networking communication needs, and assist you to review and select solutions, designs, plans, implementations, and support for your VPN infrastructure. We also assist in developing and documenting VPN strategies and policies.

Security Assessment & Design

Using a proven approach and method, we analytically document a suitable written security policy that focuses on reducing risks. Security policies include user policies such as ones that ensure security to user e-mails, Internet access, and application functionality.

Security Solutions

We provide planned, detailed data and network security advice to assist you with identifying data vulnerabilities and security risks from [external your internal organization]. Documented security assessments, security issues, and security maintenance processes and procedures are the key elements in security assurance.

We assist you on developing a design plan that consists of documentation, incident response process, procedures, security policy design, planning and implementation, intrusion detection plans, and process.

Our extensive expertise in network infrastructure, communications, and desktop integration strategies are key elements in the requirement's definition, design, planning, implementation, and support process for the integration of a remote access solution utilizing Citrix and other secure remote access technologies.